Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Pitstop Restaurant

Every foodie’s adventure means one new delicious food tasted. They say to stand out among the rest; novelty is the key to attracting customers.

I accidentally bumped into this restaurant while on my way to work. What lures me really is the idea of a mango pizza. Now that is NOVELTY! 

Owned by Derder Bautista, the restaurant opened its doors to the public last October 8 with a Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza Promo. 

This restaurant seems like an upscale automobile repair shop where a spare tire is converted to a dining table and bicycle tires are used as an ornament to the comfortable wooden chairs.  There are black and yellow hazard warning lines that served as a partition between tables and the walkway.

But don’t get the wrong idea because the restaurant’s atmosphere is sophisticated. They offer customers the best service and the finest food being served. The perfect place to stop in for a bite to eat or for a drink just as their name suggests.

 The specialty of the house is their Mango Pizza which is really an eye candy. It was weirdly delicious because the sweetness of the thin mango slices blend well with the crunchiness of the cashew nuts, spiciness of the green bell pepper, saltiness of the cheese and the creaminess of the white sauce.  Talk about harmony in food.

                                                         chicken adobo mango twist

Notice also their other 2 dining tables which appear to be like a racing game table where it's displaying intersections, curved path, hiking trails and road blocks. It's depicting a playful dining milieu not just for kids but also for the kids at heart.

                                                         fish fillet with mango sauce

                                                           cucumber + mint leaves

The Chicken Adobo Mango Twist was tangy and seemed like slow-simmered. The Fish Fillet was a bit bland and the sauce was too sweet for me but hey we all have our own preferences. I personally love the cucumber + mint leaves juice though, a refreshing concoction of cucumber slices and garnished with mint leaves.

Contact Details:

The Pit Stop Restaurant
Don Jose Avila St., Capitol Site, 6000 Cebu City
(near Bo’s Coffee in front of Cebu Doctor’s Hospital)
Tel. No.: 254-3550
Globe: 09065760473
Sun: 09257779182