Monday, 18 June 2012

What to eat in VIGAN...

Vigan is not just known for its Spanish heritage village but also because of the wide selection of food.


 Vigan Longganisa (best if dipped in sukang ilokos)

Pinakbet (widelyn known local viand)

Cafe Leona's Pinakbet Pizza
It has to be one of the appetizing meals ever to satisfy a gastronomic craving while we were in Vigan. A scoop of Pinakbet spread around the pizza dough mixed with cheese and pizza sauce did the trick. Indeed it was a delectable treat and a must try when you are in Vigan.

Sinaklaw or Sinaklao (Beef Soup)

To bring out the flavor of the vigan empanada, it is best to dip it in sukang iloco which is readily available everywhere.

Vigan Empanada

Their halo-halo is a must try because it is a delightful refreshment and is placed in a coconut shell. Even the milk is separately set in a coco shell.

Native Halu-halo @ Lilong and Lilang's Cafe

If you want to bring home pasalubong goodness for your friends and family, try marsha’s bibingka. It is a well-known pasalubong treat for both local & foreign tourists and visitors. In fact when riding a bus, it will definitely stop for a few minutes at Marsha’s Delicacies Store to allow people to buy pasalubong such as bibingka, sukang iloco, vigan longganisa and a lot more.

 Marsha's Royal Bibingka

Tinubong (sticky rice inside the bamboo stick)

calamay de vigan

Vigan's Longganisa and Bagnet @ Lilong and Lilang's Cafe

Lunch at Hidden Garden, Brgy. Bulala, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur


Bus Fare:

Manila to Vigan (8 to 10 hrs) = P500 (via Florida Bus Line Lacson st. cor España near UST in Manila / CN# 731-4473, 781-5894 / no reservations allowed / be there ahead)

Vigan to Laoag (2 to 3 hrs) = P121 (via Partas Alcantara St., Vigan City)

Laoag to Pagudpud (approximately 2 hrs) = P70-P80 (via Lorie Jane mini bus going to Pagudpud town proper) or P60 (via St. Joseph bus going to Gao-oa / Bingbong restaurant); no aircon buses going to Pagudpud

Laoag to Paoay Terminal (5 to 10 mins.) = P10 (via tricycle)

Paoay Terminal to Paoay Church (approximately 30 to 35 mins.) = P33 (via jeepney / going to Paoay Church)

Paoay Church to Batac = P25 (via tricycle / going to Marcos Crypt, Mansion)

Batac to Laoag = P20-P30 (via bus / from Marcos’ Mansion you may ride a bus bound to Laoag near RCBC)

Laoag to Manila (10 to 12 hrs) = P550 (via Florida Bus Line / Buses with CR are only available for night trips)