Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bantayan Island Trip

Since it is very difficult to get a VL slot, I decided to go to Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island during my 2 successive RD’s (rest days) last April 2 and 3. I was told by Vivien (a colleague) that the first trip going to Hagnaya is 6am (she had a recent summer getaway with her family just last week at Bantayan Island too)

Kota Beach Resort, Bantayan Island Cebu

So, off I go with my cousin and little sister to visit the place and enjoy what the time out has to offer.

Once we arrived at the port, we were fetched by Noy Dodong of Kota Beach, Resort. He was actually instructed by Mirriam, the resort’s receptionist to get us from the pier because we already have a reservation for overnight stay (though I wished I could have stayed longer, tsk tsk tsk).


The place is so serene and so relaxing. It’s like you become one with nature. The milieu is so tidy and spells of cleanliness.

Cottage rates ranges from P1300 (standard) to P2000 (beachfront) and their contact no. 4389042 (sta. fe office) look for Mirriam. Our cottage was P1560 (deluxe aircon).

Ogtong Cave, Santa Fe Beach Club

Santa Fe Beach Club, Bantayan Island Cebu

How to get there:

It was actually a 3 hour ride from the North Bus Terminal to Hagnaya with a 15-minute stopover at Carmen, Cebu. Bus fare is P80 from Cebu City to Hagnaya but it’s only P70 if you’re from Hagnaya going to Cebu City.

We arrived at Hagnaya approximately 9:05 am and bought tickets on board Island Shipping vessel bound for Sta. Fe to leave at 9:30 am. Ticket prices were actually lower than the usual because once you arrived there, vessel barkers are competing against each other to get more passengers.

Original ticket price is P120 but we only paid half of the price. Not that I was complaining, but competitor’s ticket was priced at P10/person. We didn’t choose the much lower ticket price simply because it was to leave the port at 10:30 am which is already 1 hour delay compared to the P60/person.

Going to Sta. Fe Port from Hagnaya is a 1 hour and approximately 15 mins. joyride.