Sunday, 17 June 2012

Food, the Singaporean Way!

I just love the food in Singapore, they're spicy yet addictive at the same time offers a wide array of menu:  Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese and even a combination of Western palate. 

City Satay (chicken, pork, mutton) with onions, cucumber and hanging rice

Nasi Lemak @ Maxwell Food House

Instead of the usual soy sauce and vinegar, Singaporean's are fond of using chili sauce, chili paste and even slices of chili pepper. For them it is comparable to Filipino's very own onion slices soaked in suka and toyo

 Indonesian Chicken BBQ @ Plaza Singapura
Grilled Squid @ Kopitiam
 Spicy fragrant mixed beef with veggies

Lunches at Kopitiam are gastronomically wonderful with plenty of selections to choose from depending on your preference for the day.
 spicy mee goreng

1$ ice cream with a choice between a choco-flavored wafer and rainbow-colored bread.

The queue for this dessert actually extends very long. In fact there are instances that you might not be able to buy their flavored soya bean curd because others would buy in great numbers.
Lao Ban's Flavored Soya Bean Curd: Almond

Old Chang Kee is definitely a top-of-the-list when it comes to nibbling because it is somewhat likened to a street food. It has so many choices to choose from: sotong balls, cheese dogs, chicken nuggets and others.

 Fresh Lime Juice @ $1SGD and Jelly Pudding @$1.5SGD

 Pepper Beef Rice @ Pepper Lunch, Ang Mo Kio Hub

Chinatown is the best place in Singapore if you want to try authentic and expansive variety of food menu.

Chicken Laksa
Chili Fish and Sweet and Sour Pork with Togi
Fried Kway Teow Mee
Lean Meat Century Egg Congee
Aspirasi's Lemon Chicken Rice

Aspirasi's Black Pepper Chicken

Chinatown is also the place for the best desserts in town. Traditional desserts are available at Mei Heong Yuen Dessert.
Mango Roll

Mango Strawberry Shaved Ice

 Mr. Bean's Chendol Soya Milk

Aston definitely tops my list of tasty and delightful food to relish.

Aston's Char-grilled chicken with mashed potato and corn on the cob

Aston's Char-grilled chicken with mashed potato and coleslaw

If in Singapore, you have to dine at Makansutra, the best place for delicious authentic Singaporean food. It is quiet pricey but you get your money’s worth.

Stingray and Baby Squid
spicy stingray