Friday, 31 July 2015

Avalanche Ice Cream Shop

I always thought that having a great chemistry only involves people not with food - I thought wrong.

Avalanche Ice Cream Shop is the first in Visayas and Mindanao to use liquid nitrogen as part of the freezing process of the ice cream. What's more interesting as well is the idea that this chemical element is used as a dip. Who knew that you can play with the chemical elements in the periodic table gastronomically.

There are so many variations of ice cream flavor to choose from but my personal favorites are signature chocolate and avocado. The ice cream texture is smooth and velvety while maintaining its creamy and fruity taste. It's a bit pricey for P95 a cup considering there are other well known ice cream shops offering more flavors but it's all worth it.

The Smokin Brownie on the other hand was unconventional. To enjoy it, you have to dip the brownie chunks in the liquid nitrogen bowl for 4-5 seconds then eat it right away. The brownie when dipped in the liquid nitrogen causes chemical reaction - it creates vapor-like bubbles as if you're cooking the brownie by boiling it. 

Careful though because there's that feeling of mild frost bite and you have to avoid skin contact directly to the liquid nitrogen mixture. There's nothing special to the taste but I believe what draws the eating public to be interested since its opening in July is seeing the visible vapor coming out of your mouth when you eat the brownie.

Contact Details:

Avalanche Ice Cream Shop
Osmena Blvd., Cebu City
(beside Anitas Bakery, formerly Juvels)