Monday, 10 October 2016

Azon Scape Skydeck

We always have the chance to view this Roofdeck resto from the new bridge going to the airport. And from afar it's sparkling brightly with lights and colors. 

A few weeks back we finally visited the place and we were in awe with the hotel-like ambiance and impeccable service. 

According to our friend, the resto's chef was actually from Shangri-la Cebu Hotel hence the great presentation and perfect taste. 

We ordered Pig ears which was really flavorful. It was succulent and mildly spicy and I must admit was the bomb of the night.

We also gave in to our pizza craving by trying out their Carne pizza which has a hint of homemade style but of course restaurant quality. Om nom nom! 

The buffalo wings was delectable with just the right spice. 

Other must try dish was truffle carbonara which was creamy and decadent. 

It's understandable that they also offer Japanese food since the resto provides a sensational blend of flavors through its fusion of International dishes. We sampled their Japanese connection - a platter of rolled rice topped with various ingredients such as unagi, smoked salmon, quail eggs, Parma ham, sukiyaki beef, duck breast, chicken satay and mango cucumber. 

To satisfy our sweet tooth, we tried their lava cake with red velvet spun sugar which was a delicious sugary treat! 

Cocktails are on the menu as well though we didn't enjoy it much. But with an impressive city night view, who are we to complain! 

                      Rhum Cola




Food - 5/5
Cocktails - 4/5
Service - 5/5
Place - 5/5  
Price - $$$$ (a bit pricey) 

Tip: best time to visit is 5:00pm onwards so you'll be able to view the magnificent sunset and Mactan City by night unless of course it's raining (laughs)