Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Vikings Luxury Buffet

Dining at Vikings Luxury Buffet is like embarking on a food journey, you search for the rarest find in terms of restaurant availability while exploring the complex world of international and local cuisines. 

The interior boasts of upscale dining, spacious walkways not to mention friendly and well trained staffs who never fail to smile each step of your way. 

Whether you're ogling for that particular food you're craving a few hours back or inhaling the sweet smell of food in the air - there's always something in store to satisfy your monster appetite.

The expensive looking chandeliers and intricate designs of the inner part of the restaurant speak of a sophisticated and posh milieu. 

This self-service and truly remarkable dining experience is definitely a cut above the rest. Though I was a bit dismayed with the desserts and fruits since it lacked variety and volume. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every shot glass desserts and small pieces of cakes. 

It is best to scan the area and hunt for that uncommon dish you want to sample first before you binge on your comfort food. 

Personally the focal point for my buffet experience is the Japanese meal. Then forward to the next best, the Dimsum area. And of course no one should forget the Desserts, always the best part of every meal. 

Indeed they have the best Japanese dishes and Dimsum cuisines. Yet, I would also encourage to go to the meat section first to sample their roast beef and turkey where you have the option to pair it with a mashed potato or just take it as is. 

For vegetarians, there's a section intended for them which is the salad area. However, pescatarians need not worry also because there's a whole lot of selection as well. 

There's also an extensive selection of juices and shakes. (Tip: Try the cucumber and/or Pink Lemonade.) 

Regardless of what your tummy is craving for, there's always a dish here to make it happy from Italian to Korean, Japanese to Oriental and Vegetarians to Pescatarians. 

Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5


Weekday Lunch

Kids below 3ft - free
Kids between 3ft to 4ft - 188
Kids between 4.1ft to 4.6ft - 388
Adults - 688
75 y/o & above - 50% special discount

Weekday Dinner/ Weekend & Holiday Lunch and Dinner

Kids below 3ft - free
Kids between 3ft to 4ft - 288
Kids between 4.1ft to 4.6ft - 588
Adults - 888
75 y/o & above - 50% special discount

(Prices are inclusive of Government Taxes and are subject to 5% service charge)

11:00am to 2:00pm
5:30pm to 10:00pm

Contact Details:

Vikings SM Cebu
2nd Floor, SM City Cebu
Northwing, Nirth Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Email add: vikingssmcebu@yahoo.com