Sunday, 21 August 2016

Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe

This posh and trendy cafe is absolutely a glutton’s haven of delicious breakfast possibilities.

Unfortunately, the waffles and pancakes were not available when we went there. Hence we tried their other food varieties. 

Since the name says it all, their main offering is all day breakfast indulgence though their menu contains other meal specials apart from morning food recipes. 

There were a few personal favorites that seemingly delighted our taste buds and filled every inch of our tummies with food bliss. 

Mom’s Tapa Silog is one of their signature dishes that I refused not to sample. The great chewy texture of the meat with a variety of savory and tasty flavors did not disappoint. 

Salmon Silog which is also one of their best sellers was incredibly delicious, truly a guilt-free treat. 

Prawn and Pomelo Salad which is a healthy meal option was so perfect in taste not to mention its great presentation.

The Breakfast Skillet which is good for sharing was like a banquet of happiness that kisses the boring breakfast goodbye because of the massive components such as French toast, sausage, sunny side up eggs, bacon and veggies. 

Their signature drink called Birdseed Tea was a liqueur that was refreshingly satisfying. 

         Mexican Hot Choc Pudding 

                      Mango Cake

It's a perfect place to chill and dine with family or friends. 

Food: 5/5
Place: ⅘
Service: ⅘
Price: $$$

Contact Details:

Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe
Unit F19, Axis Entertainment, 
N. Escario St., Cebu City
7:30am - 10:30pm
Tel. No.: (032) 2549463

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Camden Cafe

I came across this trending cafe called Camden through a mobile app on restaurants and places to eat in Cebu. 

Strangely we are drawn to this cafe that offers all day breakfast perhaps because breakfast is our favorite meal of the day. 

The smell of freshly made pancakes along with the aroma of coffee in the morning filled the air as we cross the threshold of this hidden cafe. 

This small cafe provides full restaurant service and is located in the heart of Cebu City which is very near Chong Hua. 

Their menu cleverly includes descriptions for every dish available from Omelettes, Sandwiches, Pasta, Pancakes to their unique blend of coffee concoction and juices.

The Spaniard Omelette (Spanish chorizo, black beans, homemade salsa and pepper jack cheese) was tasty. The zesty orange drops integrates well with the creamy egg making it a meal made in rich and soft omelette heaven. 

Banana Pancakes were light and fluffy. The buttery warmth of the thin flat cake, crisscrossed with melted chocolate sauce,  sprinkled with generous amount of confectioner sugar, soaked in maple syrup and topped with banana slices made this breakfast favorite a refreshing sugar-filled treat. 

The place indeed has the great recipe for a sumptuous meal and you can even linger over a freshly squeezed juice or caffeine fix. 

Contact Details: 

Camden Cafe
Unit 3 Apartments Rosal,  Rosal St., Cebu City
Schedule: 7:30am - 10:00pm
Mobile: 09178644522