Monday, 25 June 2012

Bohol Bee Farm

BEEautiful, BEEwitching, BEElicious Bohol Bee Farm

I have always wondered how it feels to eat a fresh salad of flowers that are newly picked and carefully combined with other greens garnished with a tasty honey mustard sauce. So off we go to Bohol Bee Farm.

The Buzz Souvenir Shop

The buzz shop houses numerous souvenir bohol items and pasalubong stuffs such as fridge magnets, photo frames, native bags, et al. They also sell their own breads, muffins & pastries, and even organic soaps and personal hygienic bits and pieces.

organic honey for sale

organic and herbal tea for sale

carrot muffin @ P15

The restaurant in bee farm offer not only comfort because of the milieu that is both relaxing and enjoyable but also pure gastronomic delight due to the healthy goodness in food.

wash area

cozy dining place

native restaurant

It is also complete with amenities conveniently available for visitors and tourists both local and foreign.

beach view

swimming pool

clean and unique toilets

urinal and wash area

Bohol Bee Farm is the place to be when it comes to authentic organic foods. Indulge in their organic menus ranging from the main course, soups, breads and muffins to their salads and refreshments.

organic red rice topped with boiled sweet potato

 seafood platter @ P780 (grilled squid, grilled prawns, grilled marlin and kinilaw)

bee farm lumpia with honey mustard sauce (A yummy treat of veggies such as carrots, native turnip (singkamas), cucumber, greens and mango plus peanut butter wrapped in a soft lumpia wrapper)

spare ribs with organic red rice 

Even the menu being used tells of an organic material since it is made of a hand-woven indigenous fabric.

Just beside the buzz shop, is the Buzz Ice cream which sells organic flavors like buko pandan, malunggay, tomato, mango and a lot more. Talk about healthy dessert options for the sweet tooth.

regular halo-halo topped with organic ice cream @P140

While waiting for the orders to be served, they will provide you an on-the-house treat of their delicious home-made organic bread paired with 3 types of spread.
complimentary food (squash bread with 3 choices of spread: butter, pesto and mango)

At first glance, the freshly picked organic garden salad was not appealing because who would want to eat a flower salad not to mention a colorful one. But then again, once you get to taste it you will surely never stop. For me the honey mustard sauce brings out the flavors of these assorted romaine lettuce, radish, turnips and assorted flowers like Cosmos and Bougainvilleas. A bouquet of flowers therefore is edible after all!
 Organic Garden Salad with Honey Mustard Sauce ( a must try)

Bohol Bee Farm is the definition of “fun times” because it is not just about exquisite dining experience. It is a resort, restaurant and sanctuary rolled into one.

How to go there:

There are a lot of transportation means going to Bohol Bee Farm – metered taxi’s (roughly around P240 to P260 from pier to Bee Farm), van for hire @ P1500 (for large groups), (waiting) tricycle @ P300 and even habal-habal (motorbikes that can transport 3-4 people) from P200 to P400 depends on haggling skills.

If you are from Manila, you can take the direct flight Manila to Tagbilaran. If from Cebu, you can go to Bohol Bee Farm either going directly to Tagbilaran from Cebu through fast crafts or ferry or catch a ride via ferry from Cebu to Tubigon and continue the trip by riding a bus going to Tagbilaran City.

We went there via Oceanjet (a 2 hour travel from Cebu to Tagbilaran) and availed of their round fare promo which is P420 and took their earliest trip 6am.