Saturday, 23 June 2012

Baluarte Zoo ni Chavit Singson

Baluarte owned by Chavit Singson is an 80 hectare mini zoo - habitat of birds, camels, deer, ostrich, tiger and other rare animals. It is complete with structures of facilities and amenities both for local and international tourists & visitors.

During our tour we rode a private kalesa on the way to baluarte on a per hour basis (P150/hr). We paid P600 good for 4 hours.

There are a lot of activities to be done  while in Baluarte which includes riding the “tiburin”, a small horse drawn carriage, live animal show that allows visitors to experience up close and personal with 8-10 exotic creatures are shown to guests in an educational way telling guests of their necessary survival instincts.

   The life size dinosaurs enhance the site and serves as one of the top tourist attractions in Baluarte.

tiburin ride

Baluarte is not just a zoo but also a place where family gets to have fun and interact with animals. It houses some of the rarest breed of birds which you can take photos with.

 Luzon Hornbill (Calao de manila)’ (Penelopides manillae)
 blue-and-yellow Macaw parrot (Ara ararauna)

white parrots

It also gives shelter to other animals such as deer, camels and ostriches.

 a herd of white deers and a tied-up camel


 Albino Burmese Python (Python molorus bivittatus), one of the six biggest snakes in the world

Palm Civet Cat (Paradoxurus hermaphrodites) which is responsible for the expensive musang coffee beans

Right after the animal show, we had our photos taken with a tiger named Harry. If you are brave enough to pose with Harry, all you have to do is pay P100 (good for 4 persons) and after 7 minutes you'll get a souvenir photo 6 x 8 in size. But try to place your hands firmly on his back; touching him lightly might tickle him and the caretaker said it would really get ugly so beware.

Hours of Operation:
Daily 7am – 6pm
Free Admission and Rides are Free