Monday, 25 August 2014

Maple Cebu

It is always a wonder why sometimes food help us cope with the daily stress at work, problems at home or even personal struggles.

This is probably why they consider food as therapeutic for it heals the soul, nourishes the mind by feeding the stomach.

We passed by this newly opened American Restaurant in Ayala Center Cebu and decided to give it a try. We browsed through their menu and whoa they were actually pricey compared to other eating places in the mall. But hey we're more than willing to try since the food looks really delish and their serving was a bit generous.

Unfortunately some offerings in their menu were currently unavailable so we ordered what was readily available. We sampled their Prime Rib Tapa, well done because I like it really cooked and not medium rare. The beef was oh so tender and flavorful, there was an obvious hint of herbs and spices which bring out the delicious taste of the meat.

                Prime Rib Tapa

I was supposed to order a salad but since it was not available as well, I ordered a different pasta which was also unavailable at that time. I was offered instead the Clam Aglio Olio minus the clams since they also ran out of clams but instead substituted with salmon. It would have been better if there was a piece of garlic bread to pair it with. 

              Clam Agli Olio

And for dessert, we chose the most raved about both on the internet and in the social media tips, Bourbon Bread Pudding. It was indeed a confectionery treat for the sweet tooth in me. The bread soaked in a caramel sauce with a creamy milky dressing was to die for. I personally love it.

         Bourbon Bread Pudding

The pile of 6 american style pancakes bathed in generous amount of blueberry sauce topped with a scoop of butter and dripping with sugary maple syrup was drool-worthy.

The Maple Burger too was juicy and satisfying. It was stuffed with 100% pure beef patty, lettuce, fresh slices of tomatoes, melted cheese and topped with slabs of crispy premium bacon. It comes with pickles, onion rings and tasty fries. 

We also gulped our way with their liquid refreshments, Milkshakes and Fruit Smoothies and Iced Tea. 

            Vanilla Milk Shake

           Banana Fruit Smoothie

Contact Details:

Maple American Restaurant
Ground Floor, The Terraces
Ayala Center Cebu