Sunday, 3 August 2014

Cafe Talk

There's no stopping the Korean Coffee shops from flourishing in the metropolis. Common theme: comfy experience and great atmosphere as evident to similar shops spread in the city such as Cafe Namoo, Cafe Noriter. 

Considered to be as one of Cebu's new chill out place, this cafe aims to please every Korean fanatic. 

Every room or cubicle on their ground area has a pc monitor that has preloaded Korean show favorites of famous Korean Actors and Actresses. 

It has free WIFI as well and every partition has 2 outlets so no need to worry about gadgets being low bat or drained.

The place is also well ventilated because of the exhaust fans located near the opening of the cubicle.

On top are "study spots" supposedly for students who are there to read and discuss reports or projects. But it can also be a place for cuddling between sweethearts and lovers.

We had Honey Bread which is prominent in every Korean Cafe and we paired it with Blueberry Yoghurt Smoothie and Java Chip. 
                    Honey Bread
          Blueberry Yoghurt Smoothie
                       Java Chip

All in all the place was great even if the drinks were just so-so and a bit sweet. Staffs however were friendly and accommodating.

              Chicken Ball with Rice

              Macadamia Milk Shake

         Blueberry Smoothie Yoghurt

Contact Details:

Cafe Talk
Ground Floor Gaisano Country Mall
Schedule: 10am to Midnight