Wednesday, 17 October 2012


What’s the FUDGE all about…

                                                                       lava cake with vanilla ice cream @ P95

We all want to eat a food that brings out the happy hormones. Fudge is the place where sad people become happy literally.

                                                                                            mango supreme

The delightful choices of bonbons burst with full flavor making the customer happy all the time.

                                                                 fudge chocolate cake

I personally love their choco lava which I believe is the crowd’s favorite too. Freshly baked choco cake topped with vanilla ice cream will surely make you forget your name but end up delighted.  You can request for strawberry and chocolate ice cream scoops as toppings. 

                                                                                     cheesecake delight @ P125

They too have the mango supreme cake which for me is one of the best cakes they sell. Large chunks of sweet mango fruit never fails to satisfy a giant craving for sweetmeats. Likewise Tre Colore cake is a must try.  It is called Tre Colore because it has three layers composed of white, milk and dark chocolate.  Definitely has happy juice in it.

                                                                                                fudge brownie

 They serve pasta and other sandwiches too. Aligue and Prawn spaghetti certainly tops the list of their pasta because it is tasty and palatable.

                                                                        Aligue and Prawn Spaghetti @ P240

With sandwiches, Chori burger (chorizo burger) is one of my many favorites it is flavorful, delicious and did I say flavorful?

                                                           chori burger (chorizo burger) @ P100

                                                       cucumber, mint and calamansi shake
                                       (a healthy drink option for the health conscious individual)

                                                                       mango crepe

Go on a confectioneries binge when you are at the Fudge. Plus be on the look out always for their dessert buffet which happens only once a year for one month. Dessert Buffet is P190/head.


888 A.S. Fortuna Mandaue City, Cebu
Contact Number is (032) 4161727