Tuesday, 23 October 2012

10 Dove Street Restaurant

Most of the time, these unplanned gatherings are the one that comes off. Spontaneity is the key to this food spree. What serves as the driving force is the desire to come together, share good food and great laughs. 

A very good friend is said to be overly fond of this restaurant which happened to be located on an exclusive village in Talamban, Cebu City. She has been raving over this eating place for so long now that she has been bringing friends and families to enjoy the food. It has been awhile that she is looking for a place selling gourmet sandwiches that are authentic and will surely satisfy her craving. Suffice it to say, she found it!

10 Dove Restaurant is named after the owner's house street no. The place has a homely atmosphere despite its limited space and area. This however did not stop riveted patrons from coming over. It is best though to call them for a reservation before going there to save time and of course to ensure that you have a table to sit on once you enter their cafe.

For P200 you have the option to choose from their menus that include house specials which is divided into 3 categories of sandwiches (a choice of wheat and white bread), 2 categories of salads plus soups and cakes. The drink though is separately billed.

If you want a no-nonsense tummy-filled gourmet sandwich dining experience, head to this restaurant. Surely you will come back for more.

                                                                 Extra Ordinary Carrot
                                                                    Mango Ube Cake
                                                                    Decadence Cake
                                                                         Italian Cake
                  Fruit Medley (cake topped with chunks of kiwi fruit, strawberries, mango and cherries

                                                                  French Onion Soup
                                                                    Fresh Asparagus
                                                               Chicken and Asparagus
                                                                      Crab and Corn
                                                                          Hot Tea
         German Potato Salad (potato, onion, bacon medley, lettuce strips, cooked in light vinegar dressing)
Crab Salad Louie (lettuce, crab kani, cucumber, tomato and creamy French Dressing)
Shrimp Salad (pasta, shrimps, diced cucumber, pineapple chunks in honey mustard mayo dressing)

Awesome Burger Steak (choice of toasted wheat/white bread or rice)
 Chef's Choice (Beef Pastrami, roasted peppers, caramelized onions, sliced pickles, cheese)
Roast Beef Dylan (tender roast beef with sauteed onions and mushrooms topped with melted cheese)
 Sausage and Slaw (Hungarian sausage with coleslaw and choices of rice or bread)

How to get there:

No problem for those with own transportation because you can always ask the guard for the direction in going there. Besides, the restaurant is named after the owner’s house street no. so definitely it is not that hard to find.

If you will ride a taxi from the downtown area, approximate fare is P170 to P180. If you hail from Ayala Center Cebu, the taxi fare is P80 to P100. 

But you can also go there via jeepney, just take the jeep bound for talamban and tell the driver to drop you off at Sto. Nino Village and then ask the guards for direction. It may take a while before you reach the place but the neighboring houses will surely not bore you while walking towards the restaurant because of their beautiful designs inherent to a rich owner.

Contact Information:

10 Dove Street, Sto. Nino Village
Talamban, Cebu City 6000
Tel. No.:3460618
Mobile Nos.: 09223323793, 09167185082
Schedule: Open Daily Except Sundays 11:00am to 9:30pm