Thursday, 18 October 2012

Penong's BarBestCue Seafood and Grill

Food therapy is one of the best stress busters. There is something about food that soothes one angry state and helps relax the body senses. Once the stomach is full it carries to the brain the happiness in the form of nutrients.

The market is already saturated with resto bars, bbq grill houses, fastfoods and even carenderia. But despite these collective eating places, we seek the best dining experience flavored with the best menu offered, spiced up with the best staff and peppered with a reasonable price.

Alternately, the best way to enjoy the food is to share it with someone you hold dear in your heart like a cherished friend, a valued colleague, a favorite relative and the best family you will ever have.

While we were at Davao City, my Aunt and I opted to eat at Penong’s Barbecue Seafood and Grill. They claimed to have the best tasting barbecue. So off we go to try their BarBestCue, the reason that makes Penong’s a household name in Davao City.

According to their facebook account, Penong is dominating the Mindanao locality and will soon invade other parts of the country. They will soon be invading the Visayas region particularly in Cebu City along Escario St. cor. Juana Osmena Ext.

                                                         Penong's BarBestCue (Inato Meal)

                                                                          Beef Bulalo

                                                       Minojong Talong (Eggplant Mojos)

This is their very own version of mojos but unlike the mojo's they are using eggplant.


Who could go wrong with calamare dipped in a thousand island dressing? Yum yum yum...

                                                                            grilled fish

So when you are in Davao, head out to one of their branches and sample their BarBestCue in town.

Contact Information:

Penong’s Barbecue Seafood and Grill
Ilustre Branch Ilustre St., Davao City, Philippines
Tel. No. (082) 221 8390