Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ralfe Gourmet Chocolate Boutique

Nothing is sweeter than the gift of friendship. It is a delicious treat that has no expiry, doesn’t spoil and comes with a promise of unconditional care and love. 

Like friendship, Chocolates serve as a catalyst of fulfilling this promise because it is composed of happy juices bursting with various flavors fit for different emotions.

Call me crazy but when I am sad, I resort to eating chocolates and with every bite, I begin to feel better and happier.

So when a friend asked me to visit an exclusive place for chocolate lovers in Casal’s Village Mabolo called Ralfe Gourmet, I didn’t think twice and said yes right away especially when she told me that every food served is made from chocolates or served with chocolates.

                                                                   chocolate spaghetti

                                                                 chocolate longganisa

                                                  a gooey, chocolatey yummy peanut butter

                                                            double chocolate moist cake

                                                       a wide selection of praline flavors

             this fountain provides not just a delectable chocolate scenery but also puffs a sweet aroma

Owned by Raquel T. Choa, this residence welcomes chocolate lovers and sweet-toothed patrons for an unforgettable buffet treat at P195/head strictly by appointment only.

Contact Details:

Raquel T. Choa
Ralfe Gourmet Chocolate Boutique
Mabolo, Cebu City, 6000 Philippines
Mobile No.: (0917) 6287661
Tel. No.: (032) 2661840, 3162220
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