Saturday, 16 July 2016

Soi eat thai love thai

There are times that you need not travel the world to sample other country’s local cuisines. You just have to step out of your house and into the mall. 

I have always been a Thai food lover (but being a foodie I basically eat anything hahaha). So when I saw this “opening soon” ad of a Thai restaurant months ago, I was ecstatic; though it seemed like the waiting was forever. 

Soi eat thai love thai resto is currently on its dry run. But most of the dishes if not all shown on their menu are available. We are even greeted not just by their staffs but also the fragrant aroma of the food which is every gluttons weakness. Needless to say the meal we eat transports us to the place where the course originates just by its smell, its taste and its appearance. 

While waiting for our orders, we were provided with a hot & spicy peanuts and chips served on a small rectangular plate as their complimentary food. 

We ordered their appetizer which is Egg in Tamarind Sauce. It was basically sliced boiled egg drenched in tamarind nectar which gave the delicious dish its mild sour taste. 

The staff told us to try their Suko Thai soup which has a 2 chilli symbol on their menu that means it’s really hot/spicy (1 chilli symbol means mildly hot/spicy). The noodle soup with bean sprouts, pork balls, meat and a hint of herbs & spices is similar to Vietnam’s Pho. It is spicy for me but could be very spicy for some especially if you're not into spicy food. 

I never hesitated to sample their Pad Thai (we opted for Shrimps) since I love this dish. So they have 3 options: Shrimp, Chicken and Tofu. Their pad Thai is unique because it's served with a web-like scrambled egg forming a cover for the noodles; topped with shrimps, garnished with spring onion, bean sprouts & crushed peanuts on the side plus a slice of lime. 

And of course a Thai meal is never considered a Thai meal without the bagoong fried rice. The serving is actually good for 2-3 persons. It was really really good and what makes it more special is the weeny slice of salted egg that boosted the flavor of the rice dish and complements well with the bits of scrambled egg, tiny slices of green mango, shrimps, onions, green beans and of course a slice of lime and cucumber.  

Currently they offer a free Thai Iced Tea upon dining for every P400 worth of purchase. 


Food - ⅘
Service - ⅗
Place - ⅘
Price - ⅘

Contact Details: 

Soi eat thai love thai
Ground Floor, City Wing
SM Seaside Complex