Sunday, 28 February 2016

House of Lechon

Cebu gained its popularity for a lot of things: guitars, white sandy beaches, old heritage attractions, dried mangoes and of course Lechon.

This tasty whole spit-roasted pig stems from our rich culture during the Spanish Era. As the years go by, there were a lot of versions sold in the market whether it’s from Talisay, Jai-Alai, Labangon or Carcar.

Carcar is not only famous because of the Chicharron (pork rinds) but also because of their own diverse serving of Lechon. It is a few hours drive from the city yet despite its distance it is still a destination for Lechon lovers all over the country. They say that the one ingredient that separates their Lechon from the ones existing in the marketplace is the sauce. 

The sauce better known as the “pork drippings” adds flavor to the soft juicy flesh thereby making the food trip a satisfying experience not to mention the irresistible crispy Lechon Skin.  

This holds true to House of Lechon. The succulent meat complements well with the dripping sauce served in a ramekin sauce cup.

They say that the Lechon is not really prepared and delivered from Carcar but the one overseeing the preparation, from seasoning to cooking the Lechon is a native in Carcar who knows how to formulate the delicious twist of ingredients reminiscent of Carcar’s Lechon. Hence no need to travel far for you can taste the authentic Carcar Lechon right at the heart of Cebu City. 

Apart from the lechon servings, they also provide delectable dishes such as the pinaulbo na pasayan, monggos, ngohiong, pancit canton and baked scallops.

Their desserts honestly are the bomb. The pandan tapioca, oreo mango float and broken glass were happiness in a glass. In fact me and my friends coined the term “House of Desserts” not just “House of Lechon” because of the delicious sweet treats. 

Contact Details:

House of Lechon
Acacia Street, Cebu City