Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Cafe Noriter

A new hangout has been built at the heart of Cebu City called Café Noriter. Noriter is a Korean word for playground. Aptly named, this place has been frequented by students and yuppies alike for chitchats and pure relaxation.


Owned and operated by Korean Nationals, “Chillax” best describes the place because of the comfortable set-up where coffee drinkers are offered cushions, beanbags and stuffed animals.

This cozy setting is the very reason why this coffee shop became a regular topic of the public audiences.


You can be assured that the place is clean because prior to occupying the zone, staffs clean the venue by vacuuming the area, the pillows and the stuffed animals as well.

The place is more grounded on meeting of friends and family gathering. But be sure to be there early though because you might be on the waiting list for the long queue of customers.

During weekdays patrons are allowed to stay for 3 hours and 2 hours during weekends. Staffs will approach you if you are beyond the allowed period to accept re-orders for extension of stay.

The drinks and the food are a bit pricey though compared to prominent coffee shops in the metropolis.

                                                                                Java Chip Frappucino

                                                                                      Honey Bread

Mango Smoothie

Cafe Mocha Ice

Contact Details:

Cafe Noriter Cebu
One Acacia Place Unit 10-11
Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City
Store Hours: 9:00am - 11:00pm
Mobile No.: 09273647138