Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Stepped into Lantau Island, Hongkong

Lantau Island’s Ngong Ping 360 was a 25 minute cable car ride with a choice of crystal cabin and a regular cable car. We rode the crystal cabin (glass floor which means everything beneath you is visible from the seawater to the trees) and paid HKD230 each inclusive of round trip ticket, monkey’s tale theater (which we failed to watch due to time constraints) and walking with Buddha (an immersive, multimedia attraction allowing visitors to follow the life of Siddhartha Gautama - the man who became Buddha - and his path to enlightenment; as described by the Ngong Ping’s website)

This cable car ride literally takes your breath away because of the scenic view of the mountain and the calming sight of the ocean underneath. It is a joy ride of your life.
 The Ngong Ping Village Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 10:00am to 6:00pm
Weekends and Public Holidays: 9:00am to 6:30pm

Once in Ngong Ping, you better check first the schedule of shows (walking with Buddha, monkey’s tale theater) to be able to maximize your tour and at the same time cover all there is to explore.

You have to climb the 240 stairs before you will reach the 34 meter high Buddha. Once you reach the top, the view is breathtaking and ushers a blissful experience. 

It may seems exhausting to go up the stairs but seeing the Buddha getting bigger and bigger as you go nearer appears to be the driving force to soar higher.
The Buddha statue supposedly sits on a lotus throne atop a three-platform altar.

 The Lantau Buddha statue is considered to be the world’s largest Buddha statue and is made of bronze material. It is said to weigh at 250 tons.

 Taken are photos of three of the six smaller bronze statues known as "The Offering of the Six Devas". These statues show an offering of flowers, incense, lamp, ointment, fruit, and music to the Buddha.

 The path towards Po Lin Monastery is scenic since you get to see a distant view of the big Buddha and at the same time gets to enjoy the landscape surrounding the area.

How to get there:

Take the MTR going to Tung Chung (orange) station. You have 3 options: ride an air-conditioned bus, via a cable car or through a ferry.

Via Bus:

Take the bus number 23 from Tung Chung Town Centre going to Ngong Ping. Travel time is approximately 40-45 mins. Bus Fare is $HK16.

Via Cable Car (Travel time is 25 mins.):   

Round Trip Tickets:

Standard Cabin: You have to pay $HK 125 for adults and $HK 62 for children (aged 3-11) and $HK 98 for Senior (aged 65+)

Crystal Cabin: You have to pay $HK 188 for adults and $HK 165 for children (aged 3-11) and $HK 161 for Senior (aged 65+)

Via Ferry:

From Central Pier No. 6 (near Central's Star Ferry Pier or MTR's Hongkong Station), catch a Ferry to Lantau Island's Mui Wo (Fast Ferry is approx 40 mins. and Normal Ferry takes 60 mins.) Upon arrival at Mui Wo, take New Lantau Island Bus No. 2 to Ngong Ping (approximately 50 minutes.)